Young Sheldon Theory: Brenda Seduces George To Get Revenge Against Mary

Brenda Sparks could be intentionally breaking up the Coopers’ marriage by seducing George to get revenge against Mary in Young Sheldon.

Brenda Sparks (Melissa Peterman) may be intentionally seducing George (Lance Barber) to seek revenge against Mary (Zoe Perry) in Young Sheldon. Ever since the CBS comedy floated the idea of the Cooper patriarch potentially starting an affair with his newly single neighbor, fans have been wondering if this effectively sets up Sheldon’s cheating story in The Big Bang Theory. Admittedly, it’s far too early to confirm since it’s supposedly a few more years before this heartbreaking incident happens. Nevertheless, Young Sheldon seems to be setting up George’s affair so that the shift from a loving father to a cheating husband doesn’t feel unbelievably abrupt.

CBS has dropped clues here and there about the future collapse of George and Mary’s marriage, but it wasn’t until the Young Sheldon season 4 finale that it straightforwardly addressed the looming tragedy. The episode titled “The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics” started off with Missy (Raegan Revord) dealing with boy troubles, but, by the end of the outing, the issue became so much larger than that. The commotion at home led to her dad confessing for the first time that he is miserable and deeply unhappy. Not wanting to make things worse, the Young Sheldon season 4 finale ended with George abruptly leaving home and going to a pub where he coincidentally met Brenda. They decided to hang out, heavily implying that this could be the start of a potential affair.

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