Yoto Player Is a Kid-Approved Screen-Free Internet Radio

Yoto Player is an internet-connected speaker for kids. It’s part radio, podcast player and story reader all rolled into one. Best of all, it forgoes a screen so kids can give their eyes a rest. From a parent’s perspective, it looks like a winner. Electronic devices aimed at kids aren’t always beloved by their target audiences, however. To test it out, I set up the Yoto Player with my 8-year-old daughter and then gave her free rein to see what she thought.

She immediately took to the audiobook Hotel Flamingo and has been listening to it regularly since receiving it. Yoto Player has a playful design, but nothing about its aesthetics or functions talks down to kids. It’s a device someone of any age can appreciate, but geared toward kids with its audio content.

In my daughter’s own words:

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