Yashahime: Princess Half-Blood Confirms New Episode Order

Inuyasha has been done for years now, but the series lives on thanks to a special sequel. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon brought the anime back to life recently, and fans were enamored with Kagome’s kid. Now, the series is back, and it turns out Yashahime is ready to roll out a good few episodes.

The first episode of Yashahime‘s new arc has gone live, and fans were quick to check on the show online. It was there pages like SugoiLITE learned the anime is coming back for another two cours. This new part will consist of 24 episodes.

With this count in mind, Yashahime fans can expect the show to run into 2022. The fall runs through the end of December, so the first part of act two will last that long. Then, Yashahime is expected to return with a second cour in the winter. This means the show should be ending in March 2022, so fans widely have a lot of time with the gang.

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