Yakuza: Like A Dragon: The Kotaku Review

After an exhausting run of seven main games, some spinoffs and the sandwiched-but-excellent Judgment, the Yakuza series entered a new era in 2020 with the release of Like a Dragon, which is trying to be something completely new, only it’s also not.

It is! Thanks to a ridiculous embargo, then being locked out of my review copy which caused my 70-hour save game to stop working, I wasn’t able to finish the game in time for release. After some back-and-forth during November, including Sega Japan manually recoding my save game, I got back in, so here we go!

It sure seems new. The star of Yakuzas 0-6, Kazuma Kiryu, snuck off into the sunset in 2018's game, and now makes way for a new gangster, with a new face, a new haircut, a new backstory and a new personality. Also new is the game’s setting, which briefly takes in Kamurocho before setting off for Isezaki Ijincho, based on Yokohama.

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