WWE’s Big E on Filming ‘Escape The Undertaker,’ New Day’s Legacy, Xavier Woods Eventually Becoming WWE Champion

WWE’s first-ever interactive movie, Escape The Undertaker, was officially released on Netflix on Tuesday. The 30-minute horror film sees Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods try to navigate their way through The Undertaker’s haunted mansion in order to gain the powers of The Urn while also trying to avoid running into “The Phenom.” The movie’s release comes mere weeks after Big E won the WWE Championship for the first time in his career and the big man sat down with ComicBook recently to discuss the whirlwind that has been his last few weeks. E started off by breaking down how this project came together.

“So, it was pre-pandemic, I want to say early 2020, but I can’t remember now,” E said. “So, essentially they hit the three of us up and kind of explained the premise very quickly, wanted us to record some lines to hopefully get an idea of it and help sell the idea. So, we did some stuff, but then this entire pandemic happened and so much of the world changed, and we just really hadn’t heard anything for probably a year or so.

“Then they hit us back, and we’re all trying to remember what the project was, and then they kind of got back into… But they let us know, hey, it’s been approved,” he cotinued. “This is the plan, and this is what we’re going to move forward with. So, things all kind of happened pretty rapidly for us, but it was so much fun. Those guys have been, for the last year or so, close to a year, have been on a different show. So we haven’t really interacted a ton until recently. So, it was just all so great. Those guys, we’re still very close friends, still love seeing those guys. So, just spending a few days together shooting it was a ton of fun, too. But the idea, everything kind of came together very, very quickly.”

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