WRC 9 Review: It's Time To Rally Again

WRC 9 is a comprehensive rally sim, with deep driving mechanics and varied locations, all wrapped up in a dense and impressive career mode.

The World Rally Championship is one of the ultimate tests of driving skill. Participants try to get the fastest time on some of the most treacherous roads and offroad tracks in the world, in a variety of different conditions. Although the championship has been hit with the same impacts from COVID-19 as many other motor racing events, the season is now underway and fans can match it with the release of WRC 9.

Developed by Kylotonn, WRC 9 is the latest in the long line of games looking to replicate the World Rally Championship in video game form. Kylotonn has been in control of the WRC game franchise since 2015’s WRC 5, and has steadily been improving the end result with each passing yearly release. WRC 8 was a major step forward for the series, and Kylotonn has aimed to make similar strides with WRC 9.

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