Wolverine Reveals the One X-Men Hero He’ll Never Consider a Friend

Wolverine and Emma Frost have been teammates for years, but the fan-favorite X-Men know each other well enough not to classify themselves as friends.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Wolverine #16!

Logan has been a staple of Marvel ComicsX-Men for years, but that doesn’t mean Wolverine is going to always get along with all of his teammates – especially not Emma Frost. Emma and Wolverine have fought side-by-side for years, but that’s the extent of their camaraderie. Though they have more in common than some fans may realize, that doesn’t change the fact that they’ll never be the best of friends.

Though Wolverine has made it clear that he’s ready to leave the X-Men at a moment’s notice, at the end of the day, they’re still his family. But Marvel Comics families don’t always have the healthiest dynamics. With one throwaway line, Wolverine #16 by Benjamin Percy and Adam Kubert proves that the X-Men are no different.

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