Wolverine and Captain America's Epic Battle Recreated by Two Cosplayers

Claws meet shield as Captain America takes on Wolverine in an epic cosplay recreation of the two iconic Marvel Comics superheroes duking it out.

It’s Wolverine against Captain America, as claws meet shield in a stunning new cosplay recreation of the two iconic heroes battling. The collaboration between German Wolverine cosplayer, Batsturd, and Canadian cosplayer, Cosplay Cap, shows Logan striking the patriotic hero with his claws. The piece pays tribute to a stunning piece of original art by artist Puppeteer Lee, with its own twist on the fantastic fight.

Superheroes are among the most cosplayed genres in pop culture, as fans and professional cosplayers alike have channeled popular characters and created incredible costumes and poses. Among the recent awesome cosplays include Jasmine James (Cutiepiesensei) bringing Nubia and her incredible warrior armor to life, Zoe Volf embracing her inner Dark Phoenix for a fiery cosplay of Jean Grey’s villainous turn, as well as ten amazing takes on both the Trickster God Loki and his Lady Loki. Now, Wolverine and Captain America are getting the cosplay treatment as the pair strikes an epic pose in a fight between the two heroes.

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