'Wolfwalkers' Coming to Blu-ray as Part of Cartoon Saloon Irish Trilogy Box Set

The box set is expected to ship in December.

Cartoon Saloon is one of the most exciting animation studios working today, embracing the uses and limitations of 2D, hand-drawn animation to create lavish worlds and fantastical stories. A big reason for their success and their popularity is due to their “Irish Folklore Trilogy” an unofficial trilogy of films directed by studio co-founder Tomm Moore. Now, you can own all three films in the trilogy in one mythic Blu-ray box set.

GKIDS announced a limited edition box set that includes the three Oscar-nominated films The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, and also the first Blu-ray release of Wolfwalkers. The box set also includes a 40-page book with concept artwork, interviews, animatics for each film with commentary from the filmmakers, and more.

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