Will Smith Reveals What His Worst and Best Movies Are

Having been on television and in movies for the past thirty years Will Smith has garnered a tremendous resume of work as an actor, but like everyone else in Hollywood there’s some cream that rises to the top and some stinkers that no one wants to talk about. Speaking in a new GQ “Undercover” video, Smith was asked directly what he felt his best and worst movies were, and the answers…probably won’t surprise you. “For the best, I think it is a tie between the first Men in Black and The Pursuit of Happyness,” Smith said. “For different reasons, those are the two almost perfect movies.”

To Smith’s point, Men in Black is his highest rated feature film as an actor on Rotten Tomatoes, sitting at 92% and “Certified Fresh.” The film’s two sequels aren’t nearly as well received though with Men in Black II labeled “Rotten” with a 39% score and Men in Black 3 on the bubble of freshness with a technically fresh 68% score. Perhaps most surprising is that The Pursuit of Happyness, Smith’s other pick for his best movie, is also sitting on the bubble of being “Certified Fresh” with just a 67% rating on the review aggregator. Other Smith-starring projects have a higher rating than The Pursuit of Happyness including Bad Boys for Life (76%), Enemy of the State (72%), and Hitch (69%)

Smith also addressed a question online about why he didn’t win an Academy Award for his role in The Pursuit of Happyness, adding: “Ding, ding, ding. Yes, good question. Let’s send that into the proper authorities.”  

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