Why Venom From Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Sounds So Familiar

There were a few solid-looking games announced at this year’s PlayStation Showcase, but one of the biggest had to be “Spider-Man 2.” Insomniac released a trailer, which gave gamers their first peek at the new title. Needless to say, fans are already ecstatic. The trailer’s YouTube comment section has been flooded with enthusiastic praise and it’s easy to see why. “Marvel’s Spider-Man” was a critically acclaimed hit, combining the web-swinging and quipping of Peter Parker with the action forward and special-ability focused combat the studio perfected while making the “Infamous” series. “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” was another critical success, particularly as one of the first games to show gamers what the PS5 was truly capable of. Now Insomniac Games is ready to swing back into action with a new chapter in our web-slinging duo’s story that features the villain we all suspected was sure to make an appearance in the series sooner or later: Venom.

The trailer opens with Peter and Miles fighting a bunch of people in the city streets as a narrator questions if any of them will present a challenge to him. Then we see the face of Venom appear from the darkness of the alley as he says, “yes… We will.” It’s three brief words, but you might find the voice incredibly familiar. According to PlayStation’s blog, it turns out Venom will be played by none other than horror-legend Tony Todd. Here’s where players might have seen Todd before.

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