Why Star Wars' KOTOR Remake Needs FF7 Remake's Action Combat

BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic is a Star Wars classic, but the remake could leave turn-based combat behind just like Final Fantasy.

Lucasfilm Games’ Knights of the Old Republic – Remake has already cemented itself as one of the most anticipated upcoming releases for the PlayStation 5, with Aspyr’s current-gen take on BioWare’s title likely to captivate Star Wars fans old and new. KOTOR is often considered not just one of the greatest Star Wars games ever released, but one of the greatest role-playing games in general. However, while it’s likely Aspyr will make few, if any, alterations to the game’s narrative (indications from Lucasfilm seem to be that the KOTOR remake will stay in Legends and not be introduced into the Disney canon) players can expect big changes to both the title’s gameplay and presentation – just like Square Enix did when it came to developing a remake of the equally beloved Final Fantasy 7.

While KOTOR and Final Fantasy might seem like they are worlds apart gameplay-wise, they did have one thing in common: turn-based combat. Whereas most action RPGs involve the player taking direct control of their character or party and commanding their movements in real-time, turn-based systems emphasize a slower turn of pace, prioritizing strategy and ensuring only the player or enemy may make a move at a given moment. While turn-based combat systems have served titles well in the past, they have declined in popularity over the last few console generations, meaning newer players are less familiar with their mechanics.

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