Why Did No One Tell Me About Maneater?

There are backlogs, and there are theoretical backlogs. Those games you never bought, but heard about, thought about getting, and then never did for whatever reason. I’m finding this fallow period for big game releases an excellent opportunity to reach into that pile of potential purchases, and grab something I missed. Like, say, Maneater.

When Maneater was first revealed in 2019, I took it for a joke. The elevator pitch is hard to take too seriously: an RPG in which you play a shark who swims about and eats everything it sees. RPG? Sure, it looked funny, but then so did the trailers for Sharknado and Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus. They were not funny. At all. My brain immediately filed it under that category of god-awful Syfy movies starring 90s actors you could have sworn had died in the aughts.

It came out in May of 2020, a month precisely no one can accurately remember, too buried in the locked-in stench of too many weeks locked in. I completely missed its release, likely because I was shivering in a ball on my sofa, trying to decide if I was more scared of going outside or staying inside. I didn’t really think of it again until the announcement for its first DLC due this summer. So I took a look, and I’m so glad I did. It offers exactly what I didn’t realise I was after: completely stupid fun.

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