Why Brooklyn Nine-Nine Ended After Season 8

Three seasons after Fox’s original cancelation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine finished its run with season 8 on NBC.

There are few reasons why Brooklyn Nine-Nine is ending after season 8. Only a couple of years since Fox’s original cancelation of the cop-centric sitcom, NBC is also pulling the plug from the project. But unlike the first time, this announcement came before its final outing aired, giving the showmakers ample time to craft a satisfying send-off to the 99th Precinct.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was kicked off with the arrival of Captain Holt at the titular police station. There was some initial tension between him and some of his subordinates following years of being under a more relaxed leadership. Over time, everyone warmed up to each other. Particularly, Jake Peralta started to mature under his new mentor, while Captain Holt learned to let loose a bit and be comfortable with his new squad. Together with the rest of the detectives, they solved various cases around their vicinity while they also dealt with their personal lives.

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