Why A Sith Protects The Innocent In Star Wars: Visions

The mysterious Sith Ronin protects innocent villagers in Star Wars: Visions – why does he act so different from all other Sith in the franchise?

The first episode of Star Wars: Visions is an exciting, Kurosawa-inspired, adventure that follows a mysterious Ronin who protects a village of innocents, despite being a Sith. The Sith are the main antagonists of the Star Wars franchise, as well as the most powerful and deadly practitioners of the dark side of the Force. With an intrinsic knack for treachery, goals of galactic domination, and the philosophical belief in personal freedom at all costs, the Sith Ronin’s behavior in Visions only adds to the mysterious character’s intrigue. Why does this Sith act so fundamentally different from the rest of the order and protect others?

Star Wars: Visions is a unique new addition to the Star Wars franchise. It doesn’t exist in either the canon or Legends timelines and each episode is standalone, giving the writers and animators maximum creative freedom to put their unique spin on the malleable Star Wars universe. The result was a breathtaking anthology series that told unique Star Wars stories while often feeling right at home in one or both continuities. The first episode of Visions, “The Duel,” told a simple story about a Sith-led gang of bandits attacking a village, which is defended by brave, albeit ordinary, guardsmen and the Sith Ronin.

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