Who Plays The Front Man? Why Squid Game Hides Its Biggest Star

Squid Game’s Front Man is played by Lee Byung-hun — arguably the biggest star in the show. So why did Netflix keep his involvement a secret?

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Squid Game.

Squid Game‘s Front Man is played by arguably the show’s biggest star — so why did Netflix hide him from its marketing? The streaming platform’s latest hit came from South Korea and was released in September 2021. The series is written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, and is inspired by the country’s penchant for game shows. Squid Game follows a group of competitors playing traditional children’s games but with a deadly twist, and the lone winner gets to bring home the pot money amounting to 45.6 billion won.

Featuring several notable players who were all desperate to succeed, Squid Game‘s story unfolded from various perspectives. But, its main character is Seong Gi-hun/No. 456 (Lee Jung-jae). The notorious gambler was in dire need of money when he was recruited by the salesman (Gong Yoo), and although he was hesitant to join at first, wanting to give his daughter a good life convinced him otherwise. Primarily due to his seemingly unlimited luck, Gi-hun emerged as the winner of Squid Game. However, due to the many deaths he witnessed, not to mention being subjected to intense stress for an extended period of time, he couldn’t even enjoy his prize until a year later.

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