Who Plays ‘Squid Game’ Policeman Hwang Jun-ho? 10 Facts About Actor Wi Ha-jun

The cast of Squid Game, the Netflix K-drama that’s taken the world by storm, has shot to global stardom following the premiere of the engrossing series about an extreme survival competition that sees hundreds compete to the death.

Among those enjoying newfound international fame is Korean actor Wi Ha-jun—sometimes spelled Wi Ha-joon—who plays Hwang Jun-ho, the policeman who infiltrates the game facility disguised as a staff member.

Dubbed a “scene stealer” in the series, South Korea’s Newsen reported the actor has seen his Instagram following jump more than four times since the series aired, raising his total followers to 2.8 million. But by October 3, the figure exploded to over 5.1 million, which the actor also acknowledged via an Instagram story post, according to Newsen.

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