Where To Find Bloodhound’s White Raven In Apex Legends

“Apex Legends” has been steadily adding new content to the game and going beyond just Battle Royale. One of the new ways to play the game introduces a bit more lore to the story. The Apex Chronicles: Old Ways, New Dawn event is just the first part of incorporating lore, and it revolves around Bloodhound. Players that want to start the event will have to queue up in a non-ranked Battle Royale game on the map World’s Edge, since that’s where Bloodhound is actually from. Gamers must play as Bloodhound in order to complete any of the event chapters.

Bloodhound’s event has multiple chapters to go through, and players can continue wherever they left off in another game. EA specifically pointed out that there are different routes around the map so that players’ paths won’t be crossing faced with a horde of Bloodhounds at once. In order to start the event, players have to look for a white raven. However, World’s Edge is pretty big, so finding the elusive raven isn’t exactly an easy task.

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