When Skeletor Meets Shogun Warriors, Everybody Loses (Except Toy Fans)

When Mattel’s senior manager of Masters of the Universe Ruben Martinez applies the aesthetic of He-Man’s greatest foe to a legendary line of giant 1970s robots, two-foot-tall, $300 Shogun Masters Skeletor is the result.

Yes, his massive blue fist is a projectile. Yes, He-Man is in for an incredibly bad day. Shogun Masters Skeletor is a celebration of two of Mattel’s iconic toy properties. There’s Masters of the Universe, of course, with its evil light blue and purple overlord, Skeletor. And then there’s Shogun Warriors, the giant robot toys Mattel imported from Japan in the late ‘70s.

Shogun Masters Skeletor, available through the Mattel Creations website, is a wicked piece of art that taps into these two toy classics to create what the official announcement calls “a perfect pairing of two iconic lines.”

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