What Sylvester Stallone Thought Of The Infamous 1980s Rambo Cartoon Series

Rambo: The Force Of Freedom was a 1986 cartoon series based on the hit, R-rated movies, but what did Sylvester Stallone think of the spinoff?

Rambo: The Force Of Freedom made an unlikely cartoon hero out of the title character, but what did Sylvester Stallone think of the spinoff? First Blood is a bleak 1972 novel by author David Morrell, which followed a badly traumatized Vietnam veteran named Rambo who launches a war on a small American town after being mistreated by the local sheriff. The book is a dark, gripping read, but the character of Rambo was softened for the eventual 1982 film adaptation.

This version of Rambo only kills one character in self-defense, and in contrast to the novel, lives to the end of the story. First Blood is a relatively grounded action thriller, but the sequel Rambo: First Blood Part 2 dialed up the violence and over-the-top action sequence considerably. Both the sequel and Rocky IV were released in 1985 and were gigantic hits, grossing a combined $600 million at the box office.

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