What Night Survivor Comes On & When To Expect The Season 41 Finale

After a year of waiting, Survivor season 41 has finally arrived. Here’s when new episodes air on CBS and when fans can expect the Survivor 41 finale.

Warning! SPOILERS for Survivor season 41 episodes 1 and 2 ahead! 

Fans had to be patient for Survivor season 41, but they’ve finally been rewarded as the long-running reality competition series has a set air schedule that indicates when viewers can expect the grand finale. Even though Survivor 41 was set to premiere in September 2020, the beloved competition show was pushed back an entire year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For fans eager to embark on the new Survivor chapter, here’s everything there is to know about what night the reality series airs on CBS and when to anticipate the Survivor season 41 finale.

The long-awaited Survivor 41 premiered on September 22. Ever since the show came back on the air, fans are already shocked at all of the drama oozing from season 41. In the first episode, 18 new cast members arrived on the island to compete for $1 million. During the season premiere, a stark contrast between the “macho” mentality and the women of the Yase tribe was highlighted. Eric Abraham thought that a physically strong team would reap the most reward, resulting in him eyeing Tiffany Seely as the weakest link. This backfired on Eric, who went home after the Yase women rejected that strategy of his. MIT graduate Sara Wilson also met a similarly disappointing fate during the Survivor season 41 premiere as she was voted out on day three. Then, in episode 2, surgeon David Voce was shockingly eliminated, proving that anything can happen this season.

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