What Is Windows Sonic for Headphones?

Windows Sonic was added to Windows 10 in 2017 as part of an update, and was quickly rolled out in an update for Xbox One owners, too. While there’s always the option to also use Dolby Atmos headphones for a surround sound experience (with pros and cons to both), there are many reasons to stick with sonic audio through Windows Sonic for Headphones. 

Spatial sound forms the basis of Windows Sonic for Headphones and is required as a way in which to ‘create audio objects that emit audio from positions in 3D space’. Essentially, it’s as if Windows has created multiple speakers scattered around your room then emulated the results via your headphones. It’s a simple way of experiencing surround sound but with less physical equipment. 

It mixes sounds before they're sent to your headphones. So, for instance, a gunshot in a game coming from the right corner is 'repositioned' so you actually hear it coming from that direction through your headphones.

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