What Is Mobility as a Service?

The phrase can also describe travel or city planning initiatives designed to improve access to travel, streamline the user experience, or fill gaps in existing travel infrastructure by embracing alternative forms of transport such as e-bikes and trams rideshare services, or autonomous vehicles.

Traditionally, when planning a trip, travelers would have to use separate companies or services to book individual parts of a journey. For example, for a trip to the airport, one would need to check the bus schedule via one app, pay for the bus ticket when on the bus, buy a separate ticket for the train at the train station, and then possibly even buy another bus ticket for yet another bus trip to get to the correct terminal after arriving at the airport.

This outdated system is considered by many to be inconvenient and frustrating for the consumer and also inefficient for the various travel companies involved. The Mobility as a Service philosophy aims to streamline the entire travel experience by moving away from the focus on companies and approaching travel as more of a service that can cater to citizens' individual needs.

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