What Is Discord and How Do You Use It?

Video games and the internet go together like Doritos and Mountain Dew. With the internet, you don’t need to seek the bustling crowds of an arcade or wrangle friends together for gaming on the couch. They can enjoy cooperating with or competing against other people all over the world. Granted, online multiplayer isn’t always a pleasant experience, especially when it comes to communication. Listening to random faraway strangers curse at you can be enough to make you want to burn your headset. However, experiences such as conducting epic MMO raids or coordinating tactics with your teammates in shooters just weren’t possible in the era before online chat.

With over a quarter of a billion users, Discord is one of the most popular ways gamers communicate online. Discord lets friends communicate directly via voice, video, or text, and join servers where larger communities can interact together.

Gaming is definitely Discord’s focus, at one point the service even gave free away PC games to paid subscribers before realizing it couldn’t beat Steam. However, any online community can take advantage of the features Discord offers. More on its other uses in a bit. 

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