What are Surface Earbuds and How Do They Work?

Surface Earbuds are Bluetooth enabled earbuds that have no wire connecting each earbud together (a first for Microsoft). Microsoft says they are engineered to deliver great audio thanks to noise cancelling technology, additional microphones, and are designed to have a comfortable fit.

Microsoft has enabled touch surfaces so you can use gestures to interact with the earbuds. So you can tap, touch, and swipe, you can adjust the volume, make calls, and open programs like Spotify on Android without looking at a screen.

The Wi-Fi feature allows them to work seamlessly with Microsoft Office, and you can dictate to-dos, read and reply to emails, add things to your calendar. Additionally, you can add real-time captions to Powerpoint presentations and move through slides without ever touching your device. Using Bluetooth, you can connect to your Android phone, Microsoft device, or iPhone. From there, you can make and receive phone calls, listen to music, and execute command entirely with your voice.

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