Westworld Season 4 Set Video Shows Dolores & A Lot of Corpses

Set video from Westworld season 4 shows someone who looks like Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores walking down a city street filled with dead bodies.

Set video from Westworld season 4 shows someone who looks like the supposedly dead Dolores walking down a street filled with corpses. Season 3 of Westworld ended on a seemingly tragic note as Evan Rachel Wood’s character appeared to have erased herself from existence after taking out the evil quantum computer Rehoboam.

But of course if fans of Westworld have learned anything about the show it’s that no one’s ever really gone. Indeed Wood’s continued participation on Westworld has already been teased by showrunner Jonathan Nolan despite Dolores’ apparent demise. One popular Westworld fan theory explains all this by holding that Dolores herself is really gone, but Wood returns as an entirely new character. Another theory says that since Dolores made multiple copies of herself and imprinted one of them in Lawrence (as was revealed in the season 3 finale), then a new Dolores could be built, allowing Wood to continue on playing the character as she was. This Dolores resurrection would however go against assurances from producers and cast members that the character’s season 3 death was indeed real.

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