Welcome To Plathville: Olivia’s Cryptic Posts Hint At Relationship Status

Olivia from Welcome To Plathville posts videos on her Instagram which revealed a possible update on the status of her marriage with Ethan.

Welcome To Plathville‘s Olivia Plath recently posted some videos that hint at the status of her relationship with her husband, Ethan. The couple has gone through a rough patch in the last year and a half, after Ethan’s parents, Kim and Barry, expressed their disapproval of Olivia’s worldview. Season 3 has revealed a series of ups and downs for the young couple, whose issues stem from the disagreement about living in Cairo, Ethan’s hometown, a place where Olivia wishes to leave because she doesn’t want to dwell in the same town as Barry and Kim.

In last week’s episode, Olivia saw a counselor in order to discuss the issues of her marriage. The counselor asked her some important questions concerning her relationship with Ethan, to which Olivia responded sadly. At one point in the session, Olivia seemed to agree with the counselor’s claim that she wasn’t in a healthy relationship. Later in the episode, Olivia asked Ethan to meet her in a rose garden with the intention to discuss something serious, but she was unable to go through with it, at least in front of the cameras. The show indicated that, after wrapping up the scene, Olivia and Ethan had a serious talk alone at the house, which resulted in Olivia deciding to take a break.

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