Weird Al’s Best TV And Movie Moments

Who doesn’t love “Weird Al” Yankovic? Okay, besides Prince (via Billboard). Yankovic has been one of the world’s most beloved entertainers for years now, with a music career that has outlasted a significant portion of the musicians he’s parodied in song. Of course, Yankovic’s career transcends music. He’s appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows, usually as a version of himself. He even starred in his own 1989 feature film, and had a children’s show in the mid ’90s. 

Here, we’re going to catalogue his best work in that field. To clarify, we’re only going to talk about his TV and movie work: It would take someone with the strength of Harvey the Wonder Hamster to make a thorough list, inclusive of both music videos and his years of web-exclusive content. Even so, this gives us about four decades of material to cover — we’re picking apart something the size of the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota here. From his turn on “The Simpsons” to his time in the DC universe, these are “Weird Al” Yankovic’s best TV and movie moments.

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