We Finally Know Who The Big Bad Is In What If…?

Via time, space, and a handful of other things, Jeffrey Wright’s Uatu the Watcher has escorted fans through the prism of endless possibilities for eight whole episodes of Marvel’s “What If…?” We’ve seen worlds with British Captain Americas, drone-backed Killmonger armies, and Ant-Men gifted with varying amounts of affability and torso. In the latest entry to the series, more compelling rhetoricals were presented — What if hyper-advanced, world-ending drones couldn’t outmaneuver an arrow? What if Hawkeye could fall off of a building and walk it off? What if James Spader had a pretty bad cold and didn’t sound quite right?

And, most importantly, what if Ultron won? The answer is bleak. In a nigh-indestructible synthezoid shell, the malevolent AI would start confusing “peace” and “quiet,” burning down every world that it came across after a brief but memorable run-in with Thanos. Through the events of episode eight, Marvel fans watched in horror as the dastardly robot went ham on Asgard, Sakaar, the Sovereign, and even poor old Ego.

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