Watchmen: 2020 Webcomic Resurfaces Showing What Alan Moore Got Wrong

All of humanity faced a common threat in 2020. Unfortunately, the events that followed proved a major plot point of Watchmen to be flawed.

A hilariously depressing webcomic has resurfaced poking fun at how the events of 2020 prove that the logic of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen actually had a major flaw. Easily one of the most popular series of all time, the ending of Watchmen includes one of the most famous twists in comics. The moment revolves around the smartest person on the planet – former masked hero Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias. As tensions heat up between the Soviet Union and the United States, nuclear war appears imminent. Ozymandias uses cold, harsh logic to reset the Doomsday Clock and bring humanity together, but real life suggests his methods wouldn’t have succeeded.

Veidt creates a gargantuan, squid-like monster with incredible psychic power using the help of some of the world’s best artists and scientists, who he later kills to keep the secret. Ozymandias then teleports the monster to New York. It releases a psychic shockwave that kills half of New York and then dies itself immediately after. Believing the squid to have been an alien race attacking humanity, the powers of the world set aside their differences and come together to face a common threat. While Doctor Manhattan makes sure that Ozymandias knows his solution won’t last forever, it’s nevertheless a success in radically bringing the two nations into political and even cultural unity.

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