Tyler Perry & Jason Blum Are Working Together on a Horror Movie

Actor-director Tyler Perry and heavyweight horror producer Jason Blum are reportedly teaming up on a horror-thriller tentatively titled Help.

American actor, screenwriter and director Tyler Perry and Blumhouse Productions CEO Jason Blum are planning to team up on a horror movie. Blum first came to public attention when his company produced the hit movie Paranormal Activity in 2007, and he has since developed a reputation for making horror movies on shoestring budgets without compromising a director’s creative freedom. Perry, meanwhile, is one of the most successful filmmakers in the industry, having risen to fame for the series of films based around his Madea character.

According to Slashfilm, it seems that the two heavyweights will join forces on a future project. The upcoming horror-thriller, tentatively titled Help, is due to go into production at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta next year. While little is known about the movie at this point, it will reportedly be helmed by longtime-screenwriter Alan B. McElroy (Spawn), who would make his feature directorial debut. This would suggest that Perry’s role is likely to be on the production side of things, though it is possible he may have a role in front of the camera as well.

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