Twitter Is Debating Whether the Avengers or X-Men Win in a Fight

The Avengers vs. X-Men debate on Twitter is back again. This time, instead of debating popularity, fans are debating whether the X-Men or Avengers would win in a fight. As if Marvel hasn’t told that story at least half a dozen times already. And as if these are beings that exist with innate wills and attributes rather than fictional constructs used to tell a story. As if the arbitrary whims of the writer scripting the scene isn’t what ultimately decides the outcome of any such conflict. Let’s not let any of that stop us from debating the results of a fictional battle.

As noted, the X-Men and the Avengers have faced off several times in the comics, dating back to 1965’s The X-Men #9. The X-Men seemed to have the upper hand until Professor X stepped reminded all of the children on both sides that they were supposed to fighting a supervillain.

The Avengers had a better showing during their rematch in Avengers #53, but Marvel published the first official The X-Men vs. The Avengers miniseries in 1987. The fight was over the then more-or-less reformed Magneto being held accountable for his past crimes. Though he put up a fight, Magneto ultimately agreed to stand trial and was acquitted.

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