Trump Blames Biden Distrust, Harris’ ‘Nasty Comments’ for Vaccine Hesitancy

Former President Donald Trump is blaming some people’s hesitancy about COVID-19 vaccination on President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, saying they have stoked distrust in getting inoculated.

In a Yahoo Finance interview published Monday, Trump lauded his administration’s ability to bring COVID-19 vaccines to the public in record time, crediting himself for 185 million Americans getting at least one dose. However, the nation is still seeing spikes in coronavirus cases, largely fueled by unvaccinated people, and health officials are struggling to convince those who haven’t gotten vaccinated to go for the shot.

When Yahoo Finance’s Adam Shapiro asked if he thought misinformation about the vaccines was contributing to people’s reluctance to get inoculated, Trump responded with a resolute “no.”

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