Tommaso Pista cycling shoes review

The Tommaso Pista are a quality pair of indoor cycling shoes, but we wish the tongue stayed in place.

The Tommaso Pista cycling shoes are a very good option for your indoor cycling bike since it comes with the cleats — either Delta or SPD — already attached as well as some spare parts, should any issues occur. However, there are a few things that keep it from ranking higher on our list of the best indoor cycling shoes.

The Tommaso Pista shoes cost $129.95 and come in a few different colors including black with pink interior lining, black with blue interior lining or white with black interior lining. Depending what kind of indoor bike you have, you can purchase the color of your choice with either a Delta or an SPD cleat attached to it. Note that the shoes do not come with both Delta and SPD cleats but are compatible with both.

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