Todd McFarlane’s Batman Action Figure Has Swords And Spikes

What does Spawn creator Todd McFarlane do when given the chance to design his own DC Multiverse Batman action figure? He puts spikes on it, gives him a pair of swords, some knives, and gives the cape a little extra flair. McFarlane’s Batman is very McFarlane.

Todd McFarlane is no stranger to Batman, having drawn the character professionally back in the ‘80s. Back then he stuck to the script. Now, given the freedom to craft his very own version of the caped crusader, he went a little wild, but not too wild.

Pouches, straps, and pads are the order of the day. Todd McBatman here is ready to do some serious damage with his spiked gloves, along with a pair of golden knives at the ready in case he needs to sever some twine or, I don’t know, because his belt had space so he just put stuff in there.

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