Titans Season 3 Finally Acknowledges Wonder Girl's Importance

Titans finally acknowledges the importance of Donna Troy in the season 3 episode “Troubled Water,” as Wonder Girl returns to Gotham City.

Warning! SPOILERS for Titans season 3, episode 10 “Troubled Water.”

While Wonder Girl has been a strong supporting presence on Titans thus far, the character’s resurrection and inevitable return to Gotham in the season 3 episode “Troubled Water” has finally put a spotlight on just how important Donna Troy is to the series. Donna (Conor Leslie) was introduced in season 1 of the hit HBO Max series as the foster daughter of the iconic DC character Wonder Woman, having been taken in as a child after her father was killed in an apartment fire. She is a longtime friend of fellow orphan Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) and a founding member of the show’s original Titans organization alongside Robin, Hawk, Dove, and Aqualad.

While the decision to kill off Donna wasn’t exactly a popular one amongst the series’ dedicated fanbase, it turns out her death ended up being exactly what her character needed. The newly minted Nightwing and the now-established Titans 2.0 have been busy fighting Red Hood and the Scarecrow in Gotham throughout season 3, but Rachel (aka Raven) has been on the island of Themyscira performing a ritual with the Amazons in an attempt to bring Donna back from the dead. In the episode “Souls” a dying Tim Drake (aka the future third Robin) visits a strange, black-and-white sort of purgatory, where he finds Donna on a train bound for the afterlife. The two link up with Hank to fight a bunch of ghouls that look like Dementors, find an upside down tree and eventually manage to cross a bridge that, presumably, takes them back to the land of the living.

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