Tips for Using Your Smartphone Camera's HDR Feature

The key to HDR is to finding the right balance for creating an amazing and awesome image to that of an overblown, oversaturated image. The grey line can be really thin. Keep in mind that these are not hard reasons why you should or should not use HDR and it’s a matter of taste. Use this as more of a friendly guide.

Usually, to enable your HDR on your smartphone it just takes for you to open up the built-in camera app. Of course, this depends on your phone’s make and model. In general, the setting is not hard to find. Also, HDR may have different names per make and model (which is petty if you ask me). Some call it “Rich Tone” or “Dynamic Tone” or even “Drama.” Your phone’s manual or the brand of phone’s blog can direct you to the HDR setting if they’ve made it impossible for you to find. 

You can also buy a third party app in the App Store (iOS), (Android), and Marketplace (Windows).

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