Tiny Anime Reinhardt Is The Overwatch Toy I’ve Been Waiting For

Since the folks at Japanese toymaker Good Smile Company started making big-headed anime figures of Overwatch characters, I’ve been patiently waiting for my spirit hero to make his small but impactful appearance. And here he is, a giant among Nendoroids, Reinhardt. I love him.

Available now for preorder from the Blizzard Gear Store, Reinhardt is a bit more expensive than normal-sized Nendoroids, but he’s also quite a bit bigger. While the average $50 Nendoroid stands around four inches tall, the $69 Reinhardt is closer to seven inches, as he should be. Pricy? Perhaps, but a lot cheaper than the $110 Soldier 76 Figma figure also up for preorder today.

What does this beefy boy come with, aside from a great deal of articulation, awesome armor, and a big-ass hammer?

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