This Is Where You’ve Seen The Cast Of The Wonder Years Reboot Before

An ’80s television classic, “The Wonder Years” is about life during one of the most eventful eras of America’s history — the 1960s. While the series covered some of the country’s biggest events of that age, it was mostly a story about a young boy’s awkward years, and how he learns to cope with challenges like family, friendship, and girls. Using both poignant drama and relatable humor, “The Wonder Years” was one of the most successful family shows on TV. Now, the show’s original network, ABC, has brought it back in a big way with a new reboot. This time, the series focuses on the lives of a Black family living in suburban Montgomery, Alabama during the 1960s.

Narrated by Don Cheadle, “The Wonder Years” reboot stars Elisha Williams as Dean, a 12-year-old boy trying to navigate the world of post-segregation in 1968. Dean is optimistic for the future, wishing for both the white and Black kids of the community to find common ground. Not everyone agrees, however, including Dean’s father, an R&B musician named Bill Williams. With his mother, father, older sister, and best friends, Dean tries to find his place in the world during a very turbulent time.

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