This Is The Most Powerful Weapon In Fortnite Season 8

The newest season of “Fortnite” is underway with a bunch of fresh content for players. With the rather telling title “Cubed,” Season 8 tasks you with taking on threatening cubes with “no face, no speech, but they’re sentient and have six sides of malice.” These cubes are actually bringing back a fan favorite storyline first introduced in Season 5, so the hype is real. Party quests and punch cards are available to keep you motivated, while there will be plenty of mysteries to uncover, such as Shadow Stones.

On top of those plot details, you’ll want to keep The Sideways, a brand new “dark, malevolent, monster-filled reality,” in mind when putting together your battle plan. Portals to this enigmatic area (known as “Sideways Anomalies”) are spreading, as well as Sideways Zones with corrupted enemies. To fight in this daunting realm, you’ll need a new strategy and a superpowered arsenal.

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