This Crazy Money Clip Multi-Tool Sports a Comb and Spork

We seem magnetically drawn to devices that can do more than one thing, from clock radios and TV-VCRs to multifunction printers and even our ubiquitous smartphones. At the top of the heap, we celebrate anything with a dizzying array of functionality as a “Swiss Army knife.” In fact, that original gadget was essentially the first multi-tool. Since then, many multi-tools have gotten flatter and lost the knives but also gained all sorts of other interesting functions.

The folks at Bespoke Post were kind enough to send me one such product for review, a Money Clip and Comb Multi-Tool. Yes, what first caught my eye about this particular multi-tool were its spork and comb. But as I looked closer, I found that this was more than just a novelty item—it was a smartly and solidly built everyday carry actually worth carrying every day.

Here are the main features of this high-carbon stainless steel, TSA-compliant multi-tool:

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