The Worst Monster Makeup In Movie History

Throughout the history of cinema there have been countless imaginative monsters and creepy creatures put on the big screen. We’ve been fortunate to see great monster costumes, from the minimalist designs of the original “Frankenstein” to Jeff Goldblum’s sickening makeup in the remake of “The Fly.” Even today, horror and sci-fi filmmakers are still crafting monsters of impressive quality on varying levels of budget.

But, for as long as there have been artfully crafted ghouls and goblins, there have been those that missed the mark. Cinema is littered with B-grade movies, big and small, with some of the silver screen’s goofiest looking monsters. Whether it be because of the film’s low budget, or a lack of materials, it received laughter as opposed to screams. From overdone designs that just went too far to costumes that might as well be bad Halloween costumes, here is just a small selection of the worst monster makeup in movie history.

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