The Witcher 3's Main Endings (No DLC) Explained

Without the DLC expansions, The Witcher 3 has three main endings, two of which are much more ideal than the bad ending, though one is bittersweet.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt remains one of the more celebrated RPGs of recent memory, and the endings of its main narrative can be attributed to part of this reputation. Its story is a dynamic one, and presents memorable consequences for player actions. Many games provide players with multiple possible endings, and The Witcher 3 has a wide variety of outcomes, especially considering the endings in the Blood and Wine expansion that follow the base game’s conclusion. The main story of The Witcher 3, however, has just three different conclusions.

It is, in fact, possible for two players to experience rather wildly different endings in The Witcher 3, but this is largely due to the game’s large cast of characters. Each significant character will at some point have their story resolved, and many get a short summary of their fate near the end, if not at some earlier conclusion to a smaller arc. These come as small addendums to the most important cutscene, however, which will be one of three, dependent upon Geralt’s actions and a few key dialog choices with Ciri.

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