The Wild History of the 'Wrong Turn' Series

“Keep to the marked trail. The land here can be unforgiving.”

At the turn of the millennium, slasher cinema was entering uncharted territory in a new decade and a new century. Attempting to make their mark in a new era of horror movies, Constantin Film produced a slasher film inspired by savage cinema in the 1970s. Their efforts would result in the film Wrong Turn, released in July of 2003. Birthed from the writing of Alan B. McElroy (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers), those who worked on the project likely didn't expect the creation of a franchise that continues on to this day. The series' most recent entry, a remake bearing the same name as the original film, saw a limited one-day release in January 2021. Having endured 18 years and a rollercoaster of approval and disapproval, it's worth looking into the history of Wrong Turn including its bookend releases and everything in-between.

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