The Walking Dead’s Darkest Comic Book Deaths

The Walking Dead comic series has no shortage of disturbing character deaths, which are just as crucial to the storyline as the zombies.

Warning: Article Contains Graphic Comic Panels!

Award-winning writer Robert Kirkman’s calamitous world of The Walking Dead is not an environment that supports its main cast of survivors or its fans. Throughout the long-running post-apocalyptic Image Comics series, several leading characters have come and gone in some of the most brutal fashions ever depicted in the pages of comic books.

The 193-issue comic book series does not skimp on deaths, which become even more frequent and brutal the longer the central survivors must adapt to their harsh new surroundings. This pattern carried over into the television adaptation, which quickly established that anybody could die and that everyone was fair game. The possibility that any of their favorite characters could be next has kept readers and viewers on the edge of their seats since The Walking Dead comic was first published in 2003.

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