The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 is directed entirely by women

The Walking Dead: World Beyond returns Sunday night to AMC, and the second season of the zombie spin-off is notable because it is also its last. How showrunner Matt Negrete and co-creator Scott M. Gimple wrap up the series while also propelling the rest of The Walking Dead universe forward will be of interest to all the fans of the franchise.

But season 2 of TWD: World Beyond is notable for another reason: The entire season is being directed by women, and that is not unintentional. “Equity was a big part of the decision-making,” says Negrete of hiring an all-female team to helm its 10 episodes. “I've been in so many departmental and prep meetings that were either comprised of all men, or where the men greatly outnumbered the women, so ultimately, my decision just felt right on a number of levels.”

Below is a list of all the second-season episode numbers, their titles, and the directors behind them:

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