The Vintage Harley Parts That Scored Big On American Pickers

There are shows all over the television scene these days about buying and selling various items. Although, aside from perhaps “Pawn Stars,” there’s arguably only one other program that can lay claim to being one of the subgenre’s pioneers: “American Pickers.” Since 2010, the History title has taken viewers across the continental United States — skipping out on non-contiguous states and a handful of others — in search of the kinds of trinkets that hold a special place in our past and go for a pretty penny. At the same time, to the untrained eye, much of this stuff just looks like, well, junk.

Yes, for over 20 seasons, “Pickers” hosts Mike Wolfe, Danielle Colby, and Frank Fritz (up until his recent firing) have scoured the nation for all things rusty and worn. Their hunts have seen them dig through sheds, homes, yards, and more, scoping out whichever dilapidated treasures are waiting to join the Antique Archaeology inventory. Things like classic signs, oil cans, and vintage toys are common purchases given their size and abundance, but nothing compares to uncovering a long-dormant car or a motorcycle that’s long past its prime. 

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