The Untold Truth Of The Undertaker

For more than 30 years, the mysterious specter known as the Undertaker has been haunting the hallowed halls of World Wrestling Entertainment. He’s a 7-time world champion who has laid waste to even the greatest wrestlers, a towering sports entertainment icon with the power to bring an audience numbering in the tens of thousands to their feet with a single strike of his gong. While he officially retired in 2020 after a career that spanned three full decades, his influence continues in the form of “Escape the Undertaker,” a new interactive game from Netflix.

But who is the Undertaker, really? Die-hard wrestling fans who spend their days reading dirtsheets and listening to podcast interviews are likely familiar with the details of his career — but for others, the man born with the name Mark Calaway is as mysterious as the character he portrays. Since he’s about to be exposed to a significantly wider audience, there’s no better time to delve into the untold truth of the Undertaker, from his humble beginnings to the matches and storylines that made him famous. For those coming into this without a wrestling background, be advised: Professional wrestling is even weirder than you think it is, and the Undertaker is as weird as they come.

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