The Untold Truth Of Squid Game

You never know what might catch on in the zeitgeist next. Sure, you can always expect the latest superhero movie to make a splash, but sometimes, an original property manages to break through the noise and blow up on social media. For 2020, that was arguably Netflix’s “Tiger King.” People couldn’t stop talking about all of the crazy people who were obsessed with big cats. 2021 has more than had its fair share of hits, but none have caught on quite like “Squid Game.” 

The unusually-titled Netflix show has been memed up and down all of social media. You can’t go on TikTok without finding people making jokes about the game of Red Light, Green Light featured on the first episode. And it’s already become one of the most-watched original series on the streaming platform (via Fox Business). Even if you’ve already watched every episode available, there’s still probably quite a bit you don’t know. Here’s everything you need to know about the untold truth of “Squid Game.”

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