The Untold Truth Of She-Venom

Most fans of 2018’s “Venom” probably knew going into the theater that Eddie Brock would be the main person beneath the alien symbiote. What they might not have known was that another famous character from Venom lore would be making a surprise appearance: She-Venom. A small sliver of comics-savvy viewers were likely already aware that She-Venom’s human identity, Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), would appear fairly prominently in the film. But few of even those savvy folks expected her to transform into her fan-favorite symbiote persona on screen.

Though she hasn’t appeared too often in the comics, She-Venom and Anne Weying (also known as Annie) have been an important part of the Venom mythos ever since their debut in the 1990s. Since Weying returns in 2021’s “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” she’s poised to remain part of the public consciousness for a long time. Curious for more information about this vicious villain, residing in the body of a kind-hearted lawyer? We’re here to uncover the untold truth of She-Venom, from her dark origins to her life on the silver screen.

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